About William J. O'Malley, S.J.

William J. O’Malley has been a Jesuit 60 years, teaching theology in high schools in Brooklyn, Rochester, England, Australia, the Bronx, and college students at Georgetown, Boston College, Loyola-Marymount, and Fordham.  He has published 37 books and over 100 articles, mostly about outfoxing teenage skepticism.  Bill won four Best Article Awards and one Best Book Award from the Catholic Press Association.  He has directed 99 plays and musicals and also played Fr. Joe Dyer in the original “Exorcist.”

He began research on the Dachau priests after visiting the camp and discovering the Nazis calculated the lifetime (270 days) worth of a prisoner-slave as $642.  He became puzzled  how the personnel, who would never kick a neighbor’s dog, could process fellow humans as no better than diseased animals, but also why so many men would endure soul-searing punishment rather than saying, “I submit!”

Nietzsche, no believer, wrote: “Whoever has a why to live for can survive just about any how.”  What was their “why”?