The Place Called Skull
The Place Called Skull


Few know Hitler swore that, at war’s end, he would “crush the Catholic Church like a toad.”  Few know 550 German priests were in Dachau for conflicts with the regime or that, as the Occupation spread, their number swelled to 2,700–the world’s  largest religious community--crammed into barracks built for 300.  They slaved in a vast SS industrial complex attached to the camp, surviving on thin soup, sleeping three to a shelf, sharing one another’s warmth and lice.  They were used for experiments, especially young seminarians.  Half died there.

The story traces the lives of men working against the Nazis in the Catholic underground in the 30's, their capture and imprisonment with other priests brought together from the entire European system, their wrenching struggle to keep  faith and care for fellow prisoners, when all they needed to say was: “Enough!”  Why? Read more

About William J. O'Malley, S.J.

William J. O’Malley has been a Jesuit 60 years, teaching theology in high schools in Brooklyn, Rochester, England, Australia, the Bronx, and college students at Georgetown, Boston College, Loyola-Marymount, and Fordham.  He has published 37 books and over 100 articles, mostly about outfoxing teenage skepticism.  Bill won four Best Article Awards and one Best Book Award from the Catholic Press Association.
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From his sanatorium window Paul Reiser looked down the long valley to the domed church of the old Benedictine Abbey, across orange roofs to rolling hills furred with Black Forest evergreens. Read more

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